10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

    Here are a few tips to make a small bathroom look and feel more spacious. No wall demolition required!

    1. Brighten the room- Bring in as much light as possible. If there is a window, use sheer window coverings to allow for maximum natural light. Use light color paint on the walls, and paint all walls and even the ceiling the same color. Multiple colors chop the room into different compartments, making it look smaller. Install extra flush mount ceiling or wall light fixtures.
    2. Add mirrors- Install larger and more mirrors than you typically would in a bathroom. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion that the room is larger.
    3. Streamline storage– Keep storage as flush with the walls as possible. Install recessed shelving and medicine cabinets if possible. Anything that is sticking out will chop up the space and close it in.
    4. Eliminate clutter- Clutter is the fastest way to make a room feel small. What you store in the bathroom should be only necessities. If you don’t need it there, store it somewhere else.
    5. Raise the bar- raise the shower curtain bar all the way to the ceiling. It will bring the eye up, making the ceiling feel taller. Same goes for any window treatments in the bathroom.
    6. Hide the bathmats- Put away the bathmats when you aren’t using them to expose the floor. This makes the space appear larger.
    7. Install a sliding door- A swinging door can encroach on the space of a small bathroom. Installing a sliding door or a pocket door that won’t take up as much room.
    8. Think pedestal sink- Pedestal sinks don’t take up as much room as a full bathroom vanity, making the space more open.
    9. Choose light colored flooring- Even if the walls are a light color, keep the floor light as well. This will allow for a bright and open feel. Darker flooring will make it feel more closed in.
    10. Go frameless and clear in the shower- Using clear glass instead of frosted, and using a surround without a frame will create a smooth and open look. Also, use the same shower tile from floor to ceiling for cohesion and openness.

    Follow these tips to make your small bathroom look and feel larger! And most of these are easy and cheap changes anyone can make. These changes can make a dramatic difference- it’s all about creating the illusion of space. This is important especially while preparing your home to sell. Buyers will appreciate the clean, light and open feel of your bathrooms.

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