4 Surprising Things That May Increase Your Home’s Value

    According to some reports and analyses done by Zillow, these 4 things may increase how much your home is worth:


    1. How close you are to Starbucks.

    Yep, people want their coffee and they want it close! Homes within a quarter mile of a Starbucks in creased in value by 96%, compared to the national average of 65% increase (between 1997 and 2014). The researchers also looked at Dunkin’ Donuts- homes near Dunkin’ Donuts appreciated 80% during the same period.

    2. Blue Kitchens and Blue Bathrooms

    In a 2017 paint color analysis, homes with blue kitchens sold for $1,809 more than similar homes with white kitchens. And homes with blue bathrooms? Those went for $5,440 more! Walls painted in cool neutrals like gray or blue gives the feeling of a well cared for home, and probably has other desirable features.

    3. Trendy Features

    Listings that mention features like “barn-door” or “farmhouse sink” sell faster and for a premium, according to a 2016 analysis. Certain features can go in and out of style of course, so whatever is “in” at the time you list your home, be sure to mention those keywords in the listing, especially if they are not prominently featured in pictures.

    4. How Close You are to a City

    The average urban home is worth 35% more than the average suburban home. Increased desire in “walk-able” neighborhoods near urban amenities has probably contributed to this. Since 2012, urban median home values have increased by 54%, while in suburban areas, the median value has only increased by 38%.


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