6 Staging Pitfalls to Avoid


    1. Don’t be Dull

    The goal of staging is to get the potential buyer to feel that the home looks nice all the time, so it should feel like real- but incredibly neat! – people live there.

    Remember, a few spots of color photograph well and will stand out in listing photos. Simple touches add interest, like a red throw pillow or a turquoise fruit bowl- just don’t go too wild.

    2. Selling with Smell

    No one wants a home to smell like last night’s dinner when a potential buyer arrives. But many sellers overcompensate with potpourri and air fresheners. Beware of overwhelming a serious buyer with seriously strong scents. a home should smell fresh and clean, but not heavily perfumed.

    A seller’s best bet is to invest in a deep clean to remove lingering smells and avoid cooking anything too potent during the list time.

    3. The Sound of Music

    Leaving mood music playing during a showing is likely to backfire. You won’t be able to guess the buyer’s musical tastes, and you risk making them feel like you’re manipulating them.

    4. The Elephant Graveyard

    Sometimes it’s necessary for the homeowners to move out before the house sells. But too many sellers take their best furniture and possessions with them to their new home, leaving only the most run-down furniture behind. In a sparsely furnished house, it’s even more important that the pieces left behind are tasteful and add to the ambiance of the home.

    5. Wasting $ on the wrong renovations

    Many sellers undertake huge projects right before they sell, but it’s hard to guess which renovations will provide the greatest return on your investment.

    Small touches like new cabinet hardware or new light fixtures might go a long way toward making the home feel up to date, without doing a major renovation costing tens of thousands of dollars.

    6. Remove clutter, don’t just move it around

    An uncluttered home makes listing photos more attractive, which translates to more showings, and it makes the house feel open and airy. But it rarely works to try to hide the clutter.

    Buyers will explore the basement, open up your closets, and even look under your sink. So it’s important to get rid of or store extra belongings.







    source: Trulia.com



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