How to Incorporate Your Passions Into Your Home Decor

    Your home reflects who you are, so show it off! There are ways to celebrate your passions by incorporating them into your home decor in a tasteful way. When your talents, skills, and hobbies are on display as a natural part of your decor, you’ll feel more inspired and more at home.

    Store your tools in arm’s reach.

    Many hobbies come with tools- don’t hide them in the closet, display those paint brushes or colored pencils with pride! Put your guitar out in the open so you can grab it easily when you’re in the mood to play. A good rule of thumb- anything you use at least once a week should be out and easily assessable.

    Display seasonal equipment year round. 

    Keep your seasonal passions alive by keeping them in site but out of the way. Mount those skis or fishing poles above the door in the off season. If you have space above your kitchen cabinets, that is a great place to display your beautiful fondue set that you only use in the winter. You could even ceiling-mount your cool canoe paddles in the off season.

    Put your talents to work.

    Use your creative passions in everyday life. If you are an amazing calligrapher, write out your week’s meal plan or kid’s school schedule and hang it on the kitchen wall. Love woodworking? Display your cutting boards on the counter or even furniture in your home. If you sew, try making your own pillow covers, or embroider your hand towels. There is a practical use for almost any art or craft.

    Showcase your collections. 

    As a whole, a collection tells a story. Keep the collection together and display them on open shelving, bookshelves, or glass encasements. You can display beautiful tea sets, glassware, figurines. Or keep old photos, stamps, concert tickets together in photo albums on the shelf that you can pull out and share at any time.

    Match the vibe of the room. 

    In general, keep the purpose of the room in mind when decorating and displaying your passions. Don’t just go by where you have wall space- take the time to find the right fit. A shelf of antique doll toys may work in an office or play room, but may not feel restful in a bedroom (in other words, creepy). Signed sports memorabilia work best in a work out room or office, but doesn’t quite feel right in your dinning room.

    Whatever your passion, there is a way to incorporate it into your home if you put some thought into it. Plus, it saves you money on decor by using items you already own!

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