Midtown Monday: 10 things to know about IMA new admission


    As you may have heard, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) will no longer have free admission. Beginning April of this year, the museum will begin charging $18 for general admission. This announcement had raised a lot of buzz and I’m sure many questions. Per their web site (http://www.imamuseum.org ), these are the top 10 frequently asked questions about their new admission and other changes at the IMA:

    1. Please know, we didn’t make this decision lightly. We conducted extensive research and learned visitors like one price. The IMA relies on membership, fundraising and its endowment for 99% of its revenue. $18 is less than our average charge for special exhibitions and parking and is comparable to other area attractions.
    2. Special exhibitions will now be included in the admission price, instead of being a separate cost.
    3. You can still visit the IMA campus for free. Several areas of the campus will be available to access without an admission ticket. These include:
    4. Parking will be free for everyone in the lots and in our garage. This includes parking for special events, such as our National Bank of Indianapolis Summer Nights Film Series or just snapping a selfie by the LOVE sculpture.
    5. Membership prices are staying the same – $55 for individuals and $75 for families—and include unlimited admission and other benefits. Be on the lookout for new membership perks coming in 2015.
    6. We are proud to now be one of the nine cultural institutions participating in a state-wideAccess Pass program, which provides $1 admission to qualifying families.
    7. County public and charter scheduled school field trips and College students from four-year, non-profit and public colleges and universities in Marion County will receive free admission daily.
    8. We are currently undergoing construction to enhance our campus. What does that mean? It means adding new pedestrian-friendly walkways, increased plantings and estate fencing and new wayfinding signage to help you better navigate our grounds.
    9. There will be a single point of entry to the Museum. Why? So we can give you a proper welcome and let you know all the activities happening on campus that day. Also, by learning about our visitors we can continue to add programming, exhibits and experiences that you want to see.
    10. Yes, there will be an eco-friendly tram. The tram will provide transportation for those who do not care to walk and give a more in-depth tour of our expansive gardens.

    More questions? Email the IMA at  ima@imamuseum.org

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