Midtown Monday: Broad Ripple Shoe Repair

    Getting shoes repaired is not something I ever think about. When my shoes break down, I usually just buy new ones. So when Sarah Beth asked me today at our weekly team meeting where she could go to get her favorite heels fixed, I drew a blank.

    But then I remembered the big red letters on Broad Ripple Ave: SHOE REPAIR. Kimmel Shoe Repair to be exact. Right around the corner from our office. So convenient!

    It may not be something you think about on a daily basis, but if your shoes are ever in need of repair, you have a local, neighborhood shop right around the corner.

    Please comment and share your experience if you’ve ever used them before!

    Kimmel Shoe Repair is located at 733 Broad Ripple Ave. (317) 255-0740.



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