Midtown Monday: Crown Hill Cemetery – not just for funerals

    Crown Hill-History Spirit Sanctuary


    Crown Hill is a gorgeous cemetery. And it’s one of our favorite places for a bike ride! Usually, when you think cemetery, you think funerals, morbid, sad. But Crown Hill is not just a morbid lot filled with headstones. Crown Hill consists of paved roads, hills, and deer wandering around mature trees. The roads are virtually empty except for the occasional maintenance truck or someone visiting a grave site, so it’s an easy place to ride around without the worry of traffic.

    The scenery is amazing, filled with beautiful monuments, obelisks, and detailed headstones- you will never get bored looking around, and it’s a nice change from the straight path of the Monon Trail. While riding around, look for the historical figures buried there; Benjamin Harrison, Col. Eli Lily, Alexander Ralston, John Dillinger, James Whitcomb Riley, to name a few!  (Click HERE for a full list of historical figures).

    Crown Hill is also home to the highest point in Indianapolis. It’s steep, and definitely a work out riding up to it (I usually have to get off my bike and walk!), but once you get to the top you will be blown away by the view of downtown. Not to mention the breeze up there!

    So next time you set out on your bike, head over to Crown Hill and enjoy a ride around the historical cemetery in the heart of Indianapolis.

    Visit https://www.crownhill.org/index.html to learn more about the history of Crown Hill.


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