Midtown Monday: Fresh Thyme

    New to Midtown and an instant staple! Fresh Thyme is a convenient, walkable store that is so much more than just groceries. We have gone many times for lunch and/or coffee. Choose between their salad bar, hot bar, or lunch counter that serves sushi, pizza, sandwiches, etc.

    It’s close enough to walk from surrounding neighborhoods like Warfleigh, parts of Meridian Kessler, and Broad Ripple Village. If you are a little farther away, it’s easy to get in and out of their free parking garage.

    On a nice day, the large doors open up on their patio overlooking the canal and the green bridge. Take a break from work and enjoy your lunch from there.

    Whether you need groceries or not, go check out the new Fresh Thyme in Midtown!

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