Midtown Monday: Louie’s Wine Dive

    Louie’s Wine Dive was a favorite down on Mass Ave, so we were thrilled when they opened their second location in Midown, across the street from the parking garage on the corner of Broad Ripple Ave and College Ave.

    The fact that they seem to be the only business to thrive on that corner speaks to their popularity. Their food is amazing and so is their wine list (not that I’m a connoisseur or anything).

    We’ve been there on many occasions, for casual lunches during the day and young professional networking events in the evening. I’ve found that it is both an amazing, and also a deadly spot for business lunch meetings. Amazing because it’s never packed for lunch so there is never a wait. Their salads are perfect so you don’t get too full (no need for an after lunch nap at the office). Deadly, because 2 hours and a bottle of wine later, you look at the time and realize you better get back to work (you know who you are).

    Either way, it is on our go-to Midtown list and it should be on yours too!

    For more info about Louie’s Wine Dive, check out their website: http://louieswinedive.com

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