Midtown Monday: Midtown’s Best Cuban?

    Our office is located right in Broad Ripple, so naturally our team eats lunch frequently at local spots around Midtown. We noticed the Cuban Sandwich showing up on quite a few menus, and started discussing which restaurant we think has the best one.

    Among the ones I’ve personally tried: Northside Kitchenette, Union Jack, Taste of Havana….and some outside Midtown like Jason’s Deli. They all offer good contenders, but Sarah Beth and I both agree that our favorite Cuban is served at Northside Kitchenette. Erin is a vegetarian, but if she ate meat I’m sure she’d love it there too. =)

    What restaurant do YOU think has the best Cuban in Midtown? Where in Indianapolis? Comment below and let us know if we are missing any!





    havana union-jack




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