Midtown Monday: Taste of Havana

    Although the Taste of Havana sits right on Broad Ripple Ave, it can be easy to overlook. It’s a small family-run restaurant sandwiched between the alterations shop and Insomnia Cookies.  The owners themselves (husband, wife, daughter) greet you the moment you walk in, and are eager to answer any questions about their authentic Cuban menu. It’s an order at the counter, eat out of a basket kind of place, which is perfect for a quick bite in the middle of a work day.

    The place has a few small round tables, and a bar along the front window facing the street, for those who like people-watching with their lunch. We would have sat there but the barstools were filled.

    We ordered original El Cubano sandwiches (comes in three different sizes- the “mini” was plenty big!), a cup of black bean soup, and their Yucan chips. It was all delicious.

    The owner was handing out samples of their “coming soon” Cuban coffee. According to the owner, they want to get used to the machine and make sure the coffee is perfect before they put it on the menu. Once they do, I know I’ll be heading there instead of Starbucks when I need a coffee treat.

    Go try Taste of Havana yourself and let us know what YOU think! Located at 815 Broad Ripple Ave.

    Check out their menu HERE.taste of havana


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