Midtown Monday: The Bike Line

    The Bike Line, located at 6520 Cornell Ave in Broad Ripple (facing the Monon Trail) specializes in Trek Bicycles. It’s a family run business that started in 1979, and is running strong today. They even recently opened up a second shop in Carmel.

    When you shop there, you can tell how passionate they are about the quality of their product. They treat all their customers with care, whether you are a die-hard cyclist that rides 20 miles a day, or just need a bike for a leisurely weekend ride.

    They let you take out their bikes for a spin on the Monon before you decide on a purchase, to make absolutely sure it feels right for you.

    Behind the shop is their service center- you can drop off your bike if something needs repaired, or if you simply need a tune up.

    There are many reasons to shop at The Bike Line- not only do they have quality bikes for all ages, their customer service is outstanding.  They care about their Bikes, and they care about their customers.

    Click HERE for more reasons to shop at The Bike Line!


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